Found on the western side of the Niagara Escarpment, the grounds of Chedoke Heights has been providing harmony and mindfulness to its residence since 1906.  The original 96 acres of land was designated as healing space for Hamilton area residents suffering from tuberculosis in the early 1900s.  What started out as an area to quarantine the sick, grew into a sanatorium with 700 patients and 450 staff at its peak. 

This piece of land was chosen to treat the ill due to the circulation patterns of the fresh air.  The swirling winds made it easier for patients with restricted lung functionality to breathe.  Along with the fresh air, the beauty of the landscape provided a stillness and access to direct sunlight, two natural wellness properties.  Natural elements were the only remedy for TB at that time, and the healing energy of the grounds was thought to be something the patients could tap into. 

In the 1940s, antibiotics became available to treat TB.  The sanatorium was then used to treat Inuit patients from the area, and beyond. There are Inuit artifacts from that time period displayed at the Hamilton Health Science Building as a reminder of the balance this area brought to so many lives.  The sanatorium turned into Chedoke General and Children’s Hospital in 1960, and is currently preserved as a Heritage Building. 

The origin of the name Chedoke holds some mystery, but it is widely thought to be a play on the words Seven Oaks. Oak trees are not as prevalent as they once were, however, three 150 year old oak trees still stand tall in the area. 

Chedoke Heights is celebrated as a place where you can nurture your soul. Surrounded by the stunning natural landscape of the Hamilton Mountain, the visual beauty is unmatched.  The magic is found in the tranquility it offers those who take the time to appreciate it. This location has become the perfect place to practice mindfulness, minutes away from the conveniences of modern life.    

This area’s rich history is reflected in Hamilton’s celebrated arts culture.  The cultural activities and local artists capture the concept of harmony in their offerings.  Getting involved in the art community is a chance to learn about the historical significance of Cherokee Heights through current and preserved art pieces. 

Over the years, pieces of the land have been sold to fund health-related projects.  Most recently, the land was sold to a developer for the purpose of residential development.  Chedoke Heights is a welcoming community.  Living in this area will offer an abundance of wellness options including hiking trails, nature walks and picturesque waterfalls.  Those who are lucky enough to live on this rich land will be privy to the healing powers many believe still exist in this historic location.  It is a place where new community members will create a new story and will flourish, as did those who came before.